Friday, September 13, 2013

Get the Care You Need, Not the Care You Don't

Health insurance used to be about giving patients access to providers.  Now, it's about giving providers access to patients.

Remember this next time you give your insurance card to a health care provider.  Get the care you need, not the care you don't. 

Why Did a Hospital Financial Officer Tell Doctors to Admit One More Patient Each Month?

An ethical primary care doctor in Ohio told us how the chief financial officer at his hospital told the doctors at a staff meeting that if they could each admit one more patient every month, it would be good for the hospital finances. 

Do you want to be that extra patient every month?  If not, why not?

Unnecessary Medical Care: A Sign of Health Care Industry Entitlement to Your Money?

The mantra for health care executives today is volume, volume, volume.  More tests, more surgeries.  Keep the beds full.  Get people in.  Get them out. 

Is this just a sign of the health care industry's entitlement to your money? 
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NY Doctor Performed Fake Surgeries

Good Morning America reported another treatment trap: fake surgeries for profit:

Are You Getting Unnecessary CT Scans?

Are you wondering whether the CT scan you've had was really necessary? You might be right to wonder.

I spoke at the American Board of Radiology Foundation meeting in Bethesda, Maryland on August 22-23 where a respected radiologist acknowledged that 1 out of 3 diagnostic imaging tests don't have benefits that exceed the risks!

Learn how you can avoid the Treatment Trap:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Battle Over Health Care: What Obama's Reform Means for America's Future by Rosemary Gibson & Janardan Prasad Singh

From the introduction:

"We assess what was won and what was lost when the spoils were divided on the political battlefield.... The same people who have made health care unaffordable, wasteful, and too often harmful were rewarded with an even larger canvas on which to paint America's health care future.

With the stroke of a pen, health care reform merely shifts the risk of bankruptcy of individuals and families to the bankruptcy of the federal government.

Health care has caught the same Wall Street fever that afflicted the banks and has its own price bubbles, toxic assets, too big to fail and privatized gains and socialized losses.  The solution is to reduce the health care industry's culture of dependence on the blind generosity of the public."


Get the Book! Wall of Silence: The Untold Story of the Medical Mistakes That Kill and Injure Millions of Americans


Read what prominent Americans have said about Wall of Silence:

A call to arms for families who have had loved ones disabled or die in the pursuit of medical treatment...  Well-written and researched, Wall of Silence, highlights this timely topic in a unique way that will evoke the reader's own personal experiences."
Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter

"Timely and extraordinary... The authors portray riveting stories of medical errors and what needs to be done to solve this vexing problem.  A must-read for patients and families on how they can protect themselves."
The Honorable Thomas Kean, Former Governor of New Jersey, Co-Chair of the September 11th Commission

"In a clear and eloquent voice, Wall of Silence reinforces an issue that the health care system has not wanted to address."
James A. Block, M.D., Former CEO, Johns Hopkins Health System

The tragic accounts gathered here... are a warning.  They remind us of the importance of being careful and alert.  Real care of the sick does not begin with costly procedures, but with the cultivation of a kind heart."
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

"Exciting! Tremendous that Wall of Silence has been written.  The horror stories have to be told."
James E. Burke, Former Chairman and CEO, Johnson & Johnson

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