About Justin

Hey everyone! My name is Justin. I’m a recovered alcoholic. I’ve been in recovery for five years. I first started trying to get sober about fifteen years ago. It took me many relapses and trips to rehab to finally get sober.

So I started this blog to help other alcoholics avoid what I call the Treatment Trap. Hence the name of the blog. (I’m so clever!)

My road to recovery has been a long one. It’s been a difficult road, but it’s been rewarding. I have learned a lot over the years, and I have made many mistakes. Some of these were necessary for my growth and my overall recovery. Others… not so much. I would have given anything to read a blog like this one when I was early in my recovery. Well, I might not have always listened, but you definitely should. So listen up!

Check out the blog by visiting the home page, and don’t forget to drop me a line on the contact page. Thanks for stopping by!